Daily Markup #373: NewCampus’ tips for managing leaders in hyper-growth tech startups; How Arcstone is pushing the needle forward in Industry 4.0; Prenetics’ UK success in collaboration & rapid innovation

Credit: Forbes

The new way of working

  • Will Fan, co-founder and CEO of 500-backed NewCampus, penned an opinion piece on challenges faced by hyper-growth tech startups and how to overcome them.
  • He noted that the rapid digitalization brought about by the pandemic has set the stage for tech startups to experience exponential growth.
  • Three common business challenges were identified in such startups: gaps in leadership skills in new and emerging managers, not enough priority placed on career development of the team, and a workforce that is ill-adapted to remote and cross-cultural work environments.
  • The main takeaway? “Leadership skills are no longer a soft skill but a fundamental and necessary skill to have in the future of work,” he wrote.
  • Read the full article on e27.

Credit: The Business Times

Pushing for Industry 4.0

  • “Without real-time data, managers and suppliers essentially go blind due to the lack of travel, restricted factory capacity, and disruptions across the supply chain,” says Willson Deng, founder and CEO of 500-backed manufacturing solutions provider Arcstone.
  • According to Willson, the startup helps manufacturers improve productivity and has implemented more than 140 projects across Southeast Asia in sectors such as semiconductors, specialty chemicals, aerospace, and fast-moving consumer goods.
  • The two biggest hurdles when it comes to digital transformation for manufacturers are cost and availability of talent, he shared.
  • To address these concerns, the startup provides a free, lightweight solution aimed at helping companies fully digitize. It also works with institutes to train students in the use of advanced manufacturing toolsets.
  • More details on The Business Times.

Credit: Prenetics

A joint effort

  • Avi Lasarow, CEO of Europe, Middle East & Africa at 500-backed Prenetics appeared on GBNews to talk about the success story of the private sector and government joining forces in the pandemic.
  • “I believe if you can make a social impact with whatever your business idea is, everything else follows,” he began.
  • Avi shared that over the last 18 months, Prenetics grew from 30 to over 550 employees. He believes that the success it has seen working with the government to rapidly innovate and bring products to market has set the stage for more success stories to emerge.
  • Watch the full interview here.


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